Broomfield Lamb Holman, Inc. provides value-engineered solutions and a wide array of products to serve the electric power industry. We represent manufacturers that serve virtually every sector and requirement in the complex field of high and medium voltage electrical power transmission, distribution and control–meeting the needs of end-user, engineering, contractor, utility, data center, solar power, and OEM customers. No matter what your project requirements– from arc-flash protection gear, capacitor banks, SF6 switchgear, zig-zag transformers, and rubber goods, to mobile substations, paralleling switchgear, 24/7 uptime, high-reliability industrial UPS, high-efficiency transformers, collector bus, inverter integration, or grid connectivity– Broomfield Lamb Holman, Inc. is your rock-solid resource. Contact our office today at (770) 992-8820 to discuss the requirements for your next project.

ABB logo

ABB Inc.  |

Medium and Low Voltage electrical equipment including 5-25KV Switchgear, Low Voltage switchgear, Instrument Transformers up to 34.5KV, protective relays, 5KV to 38KV Vacuum Station Circuit Breakers, Reclosers, Switchgear services and OEM components.

Hitachi ABB Power Grids  |

Medium and High Voltage electrical equipment including liquid and dry-type transformers

25KVA and up, SF6 Station Circuit Breakers, Capacitor Banks and Harmonic filter banks,

Modular Substations, Lightning Arresters, Wireless Communication Systems, High Voltage,

and Transformer services.

Byram Labs logo

Byram Laboratories, Inc.  |

Elster Metering Center of Excellence, Alpha Meters, Sockets, CT’S, Panel Meters, Tenant Metering, Temperature Measuring Devices, Power Transducers and Signal Conditioners, Phase Sequence and Angle Indicators.     

Electro Switch Corp. logo
Electro Switch Corp. logo

Electro Switch Corp.  |

Instrument Control Switches, Lockout Relays, Tagging Relays, Cam Switches, SCADA interface products, Lighted Nameplates. Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee.

Elgin Power Solutions logo

Elgin Power Solutions  |

Elgin Power Solutions is composed of Gilbert Electrical Systems and Mining Controls Incorporated. Specializing in the design and manufacture of electrical products for surface and underground mining; electrical power-distribution equipment and controls, mine lighting, & camera systems. EPS offers: Harmonic Filter Banks, Metering cabinets, Mobile Substations, Junction Cabinets, Reactors and Zig Zag Transformers among other things.

Filnor Inc. logo

Filnor Inc.  |

Design and Manufacture of AC & DC Disconnect Switches [Knife Type & Bolted Pressure] up to 38kV. Power Resistors for Neutral Grounding, Braking, acceleration, and Load Bank applications. Motor Controls & Auxiliary Equipment for overhead Cranes.


G&W Electric  |

SF6 Pad-mounted, subsurface, and Pole-mounted Switchgear; Solid Dielectric switches and Reclosers,  G&W Electric Company’s extensive switch product line includes 15kV through 38kV designs with 600-Ampere  continuous ratings.  

Industial Electric Manufacturing logo

Industrial Electric Manufacturing  |

IEM is the largest independent manufacturer of Distribution Equipment and Power Quality in the USA. 480V – 38KV specialty and custom switchgear and engineering services. Advanced Paralleling Switchgear, outdoor Walk-in, Indoor, Main Tie main schemes, switchboards, and panelboards to name a few products available from IEM.

Power Bus Way Ltd.  |

Power Bus Way electrical cable bus systems are the best solution for large power connections to transformers, switchgear, generators, motors, motor controls, inverters, existing bus duct systems, and UPS systems. Power Bus Way cable bus systems are the most reliable, cost-effective, and safe feeder systems available. 600-8000 amps, 480V – 28KV.

Richards Manufacturing Co. logo

Richards Manufacturing Co.  |

Family owned and operated, Richards Manufacturing designs and produces medium voltage terminations, Network Protectors and LV connectors for the utility and C&I market. Richards is the largest supplier of Network Protectors (and related equipment) in the world, providing several designs of new Network Protectors as well as reconditioning utility-owned units with an impressive array of replacement components. Richards designs, tests, and manufacturers Loadbreak and Deadbreak Pre-Molded items for installation on Underground Distribution Systems between 5kV and 35kV.

Wingfield Engineering Company, Inc. logo

Wingfield Engineering Company, Inc.  |

Custom metal design and fabrication. Control House, PDC's, Enclosures, Control Rooms, Operator Cabs, Stairs, Railings, Landings, Wingfield uses State of the Art tools and engineering to produce the finest metal structures around. The more complicated the better.

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